Work and a broken laptop

Haven’t posted in a while. Been very busy working long hours on site implementing a new software system. I’m getting code withdrawal symptoms 🙂 Haven’t had any time to do any coding at all on my own side projects. About a month ago a Dell Inspiron 9400 laptop I had bought 53 weeks before, started […]

Firefox crashes under Ubuntu with Flash

I have for some time been plagued with problems when web browsing, particularly on sites like YouTube. Firefox would simply die without warning and I would have to restart it. Fortunately, it allows the session to be resumed so I lived with it for a while. As with a lot of minor issues it started […]

Android development

I had a quick look at the Android SDK the other day and immediately hit what appears to be a common problem. ActivityManager: Error: Activity class blah does not exist. All I did was create a new Android project and run it without any customisation code at all.  I then spent an evening searching for […]

Opera browser issues

I have been fighting with Opera under Ubuntu the past few days. It refused to connect to any site whilst Firefox/Konqueror etc all connected fine giving the site unavailable message. I spent a good few hours googling for solutions and came up empty handed. I uninstalled/re-installed, checked DNS settings, wireless network, everything. Nada. Finally, I […]

It’s a start

This is my first ever domain and proper website. I’ve been a developer for 15 years but have only moved into web applications in the last couple of years so never saw a need previously. I wanted a site to be a showcase for the work I do outside of my day job so I […]

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