AirWaves momentum or lack thereof

With a complete lack of personal time and the long awaited Linux version of AIR still awaited (come on Adobe, the Mono boys will get Silverlight running on Linux before you get a proper non Beta release out) I’ve parked development of it. Also, having found on-line guides like this one: Sky TV Listings, I […]

Very small update to AirWaves TV Guide

Another odd piece of data from the Radio Times website meant that a film director had HTML code in the datastring. This screwed up the XML which then failed to parse. I have now added some code to strip out problematic data like this. Now at version 0.6

AirWavesTVGuide updated and open sourced

I haven’t updated this site for ages due to free time issues but I have finally managed to update the application for the released version of AIR. I have also taken this opportunity to open source the whole lot (except for the auto updater code which isn’t mine). You can find the latest version of […]

Another new version of AirWaves TV Guide

Finally I have gotten around to upgrading AirWaves TV Guide to the latest version of the AIR runtime: Beta 3. Unfortunately they have changed the application descriptor so that the version number is no longer an attribute of the top level node but rather an XML node in it’s own right. Basically this means that […]

Quick AirWaves TV Guide update

The version I uploaded yesterday had a bug in the alerts that meant they could not be closed. I have rectified this issue and uploaded a new version. We are now at version 0.3. Whilst digging around the code I also moved the update functionality into the code that downloads new TV Data (so it […]

AirWaves TV Guide

It took longer than I hoped (if you need to replace your central heating pump and mid-position valve I am now the man 😉 ), but I will be able to release the new version this weekend. It will now be at V0.2 and the auto-updater should handle the upgrade once I have uploaded the […]

AirWaves TV new functionality

I’m currently in the process of writing a new view on the TV data that resembles the DigiGuide view. Each channel is a long line of boxes. Each box represents a programme, the size of the box shows how long the show is etc. The first version was incredibly slow. I was using a repeater […]

Another release of AirWaves

That was quicker than I intended. I’m not sure if anything changed on their side but the data coming from the radiotimes (RT) site started causing problems for the AirWaves parser. I am performing a similar job to XMLTV and creating XML data from the RT data. Today ampersands started causing a failure when parsing […]

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