Another release of AirWaves

That was quicker than I intended. I’m not sure if anything changed on their side but the data coming from the radiotimes (RT) site started causing problems for the AirWaves parser. I am performing a similar job to XMLTV and creating XML data from the RT data. Today ampersands started causing a failure when parsing […]

New version released, now called AirWaves TV Guide

I’ve released a new version. It has a name change as apparently Adobe doesn’t like people using AIR in the name of the application. It now plays an alarm sound to help remind you if a favourite is on. It will, from now on, auto update itself (with your permission) Version 0.02 can be found […]

AIR TV Guide now available

I have uploaded the first version of my Adobe AIR application. Link on the left. It’s got a few more gaps than I hoped for but it is stable and all the main functionality works. The main problem is that alarm sounds aren’t playing which I’ll be looking into later. I also have a few […]

VMWare Server and Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon – network bridging

Seeing that Gutsy Gibbon had been released I decided to upgrade my machine this weekend. I left it downloading/running overnight and apart from a couple of minor issues in the morning it all seemed to go fairly smoothly. I use VMWare Server to run a windows only program that I need. I re-ran the install […]

AIR TV Guide, first version coming soon

This is a screenshot from the AIR TV Guide I have been writing for a while now. It currently does the bare minimum to be useful but I intend building on this as time goes on. See the AIR TV Guide page linked on the left for more details. I will be making this open […]

Simultaneous AJAX calls and OO JavaScript

In my day job we had an issue with performing multiple simultaneous data lookups using AJAX to pre-populate forms. For example a user has filled in a form that requires entry of multiple product ID’s, one row for each product. For each ID as it is entered, AJAX is used to populate details of the […]

Flex Builder 3 Linux Alpha

In addition to the new Betas of AIR and Flex Builder 3 for windows they now also have a version of Flex Builder for Linux. It appears to be a bit limited for now but it’s a start. Adobe Labs Just waiting for Linux AIR . Update: the Debug Flash player it installs causes Firefox […]

Adobe AIR Beta 2

Finally there has been an update at the Adobe Labs site. I’ve taken an interest in AIR for developing applications as Flex is a very productive language for creating good looking UIs. I was getting a little disheartened as there had been no updates since June and Microsoft have started in with their competing Silverlight. […]

It’s a start

This is my first ever domain and proper website. I’ve been a developer for 15 years but have only moved into web applications in the last couple of years so never saw a need previously. I wanted a site to be a showcase for the work I do outside of my day job so I […]

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