Quick AirWaves TV Guide update

The version I uploaded yesterday had a bug in the alerts that meant they could not be closed. I have rectified this issue and uploaded a new version. We are now at version 0.3. Whilst digging around the code I also moved the update functionality into the code that downloads new TV Data (so it […]

AirWaves TV Guide

It took longer than I hoped (if you need to replace your central heating pump and mid-position valve I am now the man 😉 ), but I will be able to release the new version this weekend. It will now be at V0.2 and the auto-updater should handle the upgrade once I have uploaded the […]

AirWaves TV new functionality

I’m currently in the process of writing a new view on the TV data that resembles the DigiGuide view. Each channel is a long line of boxes. Each box represents a programme, the size of the box shows how long the show is etc. The first version was incredibly slow. I was using a repeater […]

Opera browser issues

I have been fighting with Opera under Ubuntu the past few days. It refused to connect to any site whilst Firefox/Konqueror etc all connected fine giving the site unavailable message. I spent a good few hours googling for solutions and came up empty handed. I uninstalled/re-installed, checked DNS settings, wireless network, everything. Nada. Finally, I […]

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