Another release of AirWaves

That was quicker than I intended. I’m not sure if anything changed on their side but the data coming from the radiotimes (RT) site started causing problems for the AirWaves parser. I am performing a similar job to XMLTV and creating XML data from the RT data. Today ampersands started causing a failure when parsing the XML that I create. I’m not sure if there weren’t any ampersands before but I have now added code to replace them with the escaped code.

After that I still had problems with the data causing truncated XML, which after several hours and a HEX editor I tracked down to being caused by null characters (0x00) in the data! So I then also added code to replace any nulls with blank strings.

It is now working properly again and I have uploaded a working version.

It should be noted however that the RT site has some problems with the XMLTV data they kindly provide. For example the channels file has been truncated and therefore possibly other files are also invalid for the moment. I believe they generate it daily so hopefully it will be sorted tomorrow.

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