AirWaves TV new functionality

I’m currently in the process of writing a new view on the TV data that resembles the DigiGuide view. Each channel is a long line of boxes. Each box represents a programme, the size of the box shows how long the show is etc. The first version was incredibly slow. I was using a repeater for each channel and a repeater inside each channel for each programme. The processing of the data was over in 2 seconds, it took another 15 seconds for the bound repeaters to display the data! I’ve no idea why the repeater should be so slow.

For the next attempt (which is where I am currently) I tried using a VBox container into which I create, in code using the addChild method, an HBox for each channel and add a load of different sized VBox’s into each for each programme. Into each VBox I add 2 text fields for programme information. The total time came down to 4 seconds. It’s still not great but it is writing out a whole 24 hours worth of 15 channels of TV into little boxes. The result looks OK at the moment but I will look into getting that time down further.

I’ve got no idea what the problem was with the repeater. I may dig deeper into it later.

I also notice that ¬†with this format of data you need more space to get a decent view. So I’ll also be adding a resize handle onto the transparent window somewhere so you can make it as big as you want. Probably bottom right as that would be where you would expect it to be. With a little luck I’ll have a new version out by next weekend.

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