AirWavesTVGuide updated and open sourced

I haven’t updated this site for ages due to free time issues but I have finally managed to update the application for the released version of AIR. I have also taken this opportunity to open source the whole lot (except for the auto updater code which isn’t mine).

You can find the latest version of the application (0.5) from the AirWaves page linked on the left and also in there is a new link to the whole FlexBuilder project. You may find it useful if you want to see how to do transparent windows or minimise to tray etc. Or you could fix a few of my bugs (the date time drop down isn’t working properly…) or enhance the functionality if you fancy it but please follow the GPL license restrictions (basically any derivative works have to be GPL’ed as well, with the source available).

I have noticed that any TV guide relying on XMLTV has been broken recently due to null characters in the Radio Times data, but as I’ve written my own data formatter it doesn’t suffer from this problem 🙂

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