Firefox crashes under Ubuntu with Flash

I have for some time been plagued with problems when web browsing, particularly on sites like YouTube. Firefox would simply die without warning and I would have to restart it. Fortunately, it allows the session to be resumed so I lived with it for a while. As with a lot of minor issues it started getting really annoying so I googled around for it. It seems that quite a few people are having problems with Flash and Ubuntu.

Navigating to the “about:plugins” page (literally typing that into the address bar without the quotes and hitting enter) I noticed that Firefox was reporting 2 Shockwave Flash Plugins. One at version 9.0 r115 which is the latest version and a second at an earlier version.

I searched my hard disc for files with this name and it came back with two of them. One in my ~/.mozilla/plugins folder (where ~ is my home folder) and one in /usr/lib/flashplugin-nonfree

I didn’t know which was which so deleted the version in my home folder and restarted Firefox. The plugins page then only showed the latest version of the Flash plugin.

Since then I have not have a single crash in Firefox. I’m still not sure how the older plugin version came to be on my system.

If you have Firefox 2 problems with Flash try this out. It seems a bit of a simple solution so there may be other factors involved but it’s worth a shot.

I haven’t rebooted into Vista for several months now. I might try installing SP1 if I get bored 🙂

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