Upgraded to Hardy Heron. Not too impressed.

When they released the new version of Ubuntu I fancied a clearout so I copied my whole home folder to a second disk and did a fresh install of Hardy.

USB keyboards aren’t handled very well. It’s a good job I wanted the installation to be in English because I had no way of changing it on the very first screen. It’s just as well it assumes English after a couple of minutes.

The install went well. Firefox 3 is very nice. Then a few problems started appearing:

  • Reboot doesn’t work, it just hangs when it’s finished shutting down
  • Sound is flakey. This is a surprise as it’s bread and butter stuff. Apparently they have chosen to use PulseAudio by default to control desktop sound. This is known to be dodgy in it’s current version. The result is that playing videos, or sounds sometimes runs incredibly slowly, appearing to hang. Where possible you can select to use alsa instead and it all works again! This meant I had to switch from Totem to MPlayer for videos.
  • USB drives do not get mounted. My card reader doesn’t work, and when I plug my camera in it does not get mounted. The workaround is to plug the device in and use dmesg to find the device name when it gets recognised (sdf in my case). Then you can use “sudo fdisk -l” to find the file type of the USB device (FaT32 in my case). Finally you can create a folder to mount the drive to and then manually mount it with a “sudo mount -t vfat /dev/sdf1 /media/camera/“. When you’ve finished you can run “sudo umount /dev/sdf1” to dismount it.

These are the only problems so far but they aren’t exactly unique to my configuration. Although I’ve found workarounds to every problem it’s a bit naff really. And this is an LTS version as well!

Having said all that, it’s still a cracking operating system 🙂

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