Adobe AIR Beta 2

Finally there has been an update at the Adobe Labs site.

I’ve taken an interest in AIR for developing applications as Flex is a very productive language for creating good looking UIs. I was getting a little disheartened as there had been no updates since June and Microsoft have started in with their competing Silverlight. I’m not a fan of M$ and would rather see AIR succeed but they appeared to be dragging their feet.

Well, today they updated with Beta 2 🙂 No idea on a final release date but it’s always good to see it’s moving.

I’ll download and see how things are going later.

Yes, I know they don’t support Linux yet but they have said they definitely will and I can run my old copy of XP in VMWare for now to use Flex Builder 3 and AIR. If Microsoft ever do support Linux it will likely be similar to their support of the Mac with Internet Explorer!

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