Software Projects

This page will contain all of the software projects I have worked on or am working on outside my usual work.

Most will be open source if I can’t see a commercial use for it. Most of this stuff just interests me.

In my day job I use Java and Flex so most projects will be using that. However I am a firm believer in the right tool for the right job and I like checking out new technologies so I also use PHP, Ruby on Rails and so on if they seem like they might be right for the situation.

Right now I am working on a TV guide Adobe AIR application written in Flex. It gets UK TV data from the radio times web site and allows you to see what’s on, set up favourites and get reminders and so on. All with just a little of that groovy Flash visual fluff 🙂

I also want to make an Adobe AIR E-Bay application to help out with performing auto bids, reminders, and background checks on sellers etc. Still in the planning stage right now.

I wrote a PHP plugin for WordPress that allows a WordPress user to enter their own weight information over time and it plots graphs. You can then set a target weight and it will estimate when you will get there.

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