PHP WordPress Dieting Plugin

Some time ago I wanted to learn a little PHP so I came up with an idea for a dieting website. I wrote a WordPress PHP plugin that allows a user to monitor their weight regularly and set a target weight. It would then estimate a date when the target would be hit and display a nice generated graph.

The whole site was going to use WordPress (standard not mu) with a blog per user, a forum using phpBB and have the lot tied together with the WP-United plugin (for integrated logins)

I wrote the plugin but fell short of creating the site due to the time requirements and commitment of creating and maintaining such a site.

I’ll upload the plugin here along with some documentation on how to use it as OSS soon.

Update: It’s been so long since I wrote this that I don’t think I even have the code any more. If you are looking for something along these lines try here: Hackers Diet . It does pretty much the same thing.

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